COVID-19 Information: is closely monitoring the local and worldwide implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and have taken action to help flatten the curve.

The safety and well-being of Barbara Eden, our team members, and our customers are our highest priority. As such, we have ensured our facilities and operations are safe for Barbara Eden, our team, and our customers. We will continue to do so throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are a small USA based company that manufactures most of its items for sale in house, with some items coming from other US-based businesses. Because we are an in-house American manufacturing and fulfillment operation, some of our team needs to be on the job daily. We have implemented emergency operation plans to minimize business disruption and ensure production, distribution, and customer service. As a result, 100% of our team members will work from the safety of their homes now through the end of March (or however long is needed) and will continue to be available for your online customer service and support needs. Select members of our supervisory team will be fulfilling orders, and we also have members of our team working on getting new products added to the store for debut ASAP.

For the time being, the only items temporarily suspended are personalized autographs for all customers; and personalized fan club memberships for new and lapsed members only. (We have enough stock of Barbara Eden signed cards for current members needing to renew at the moment.) We will bring back personalized autographs and re-open enrollment to Barbara Eden's Fan Club in late April. ALL other items, including NON-personalized autograph items, are in stock and ready to ship. (See below for more details.)

We look forward to offering you magical service and thank you for your shopping small with us during this pandemic. To our new customers, thank you for your business, and to our valued repeat customers and Barbara Eden fan club members, thank you for your continued patronage.

Best wishes,

The Family

Message in a Bottle :: An update from Barbara Eden

Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that I am safe and sound; healthy and following the advice to stay removed from public places. My husband Jon and I send our thoughts and prayers to all those affected in this uncertain time.

It is my hope that everyone will continue to follow the directives that have been given in efforts to flatten the curve. We can do this!

My love and prayers are with everyone.

- Barbara

A Note Regarding Personal Autographs (8x10s)

We have temporarily removed personalized autographs (8x10 photos) from the store. This keeps our CA team safe and at home during COVID-19, especially Ms. Eden. IF you ordered a personalized autograph before we temporarily suspended sale of them, don't worry. We are processing your orders still. Once those are processed, we will take some time to do inventory and get ready to introduce brand new photos for sale. We will be adding personalized autographs back in late April. If you have any questions or would like to be e-mailed when they are available for sale again, click here to Contact Us.

To clarify -- ALL non-personalized autograph items (posters & books) are still in stock and ready to ship out immediately.

A Note Regarding Barbara Eden's Official Fan Club

We have temporarily closed open enrollment to Barbara Eden's Official Fan Club for new and lapsed members only. If you are a current member that needs to renew your membership, you can do so by logging in to your Account and visiting the Fan Club portion of the site. You will see a link for fan club renewels. Click on that. Then click on the product page for fan club renewals and you can renew your membership for another year. We re-open enrollment to new and lapsed members in late April. If you have any questions or would like to be e-mailed when fan club enrollment re-opens, click here to Contact Us.

To clarify -- If you are a current member needing to renew, you can still renew. Just login to your account in order to do so. If you are a lapsed member (a person who was once a member, but didn't renew on time), you will need to wait until open enrollment re-opens. Thank you for your understanding.

A Note Regarding International Orders

We are still fulfilling international orders. Regarding international shipments, the current situation may give rise to delays in transit. These may be caused by changes in transport procedure (such as border controls), changes in international transport (such as cancellation of flight connections used for transport to date) and changes in delivery in the target country (such as protective regulations and quarantine measures). Please keep this in mind if you are placing an order with a delivery address outside of the US. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for shopping Barbara Eden's Official Store.

A Note Regarding Lexington Comic & Toy Con 2020 & the Pre-sale for Items on

Lexington Comic & Toy Con (LCTC) 2020 has been postponed until mid-May. Barbara Eden plans to attend this date at this time. No other decision will or can be made at this time. It's possible the show will be postponed again due to COVID-19, and if that's the case, Tangible Dreams Entertainment, LLC (Ms. Eden's booker for LCTC & also the company managing will work with LCTC leadership to reschedule Ms. Eden to whenever the next show is. Barbara understands how much fans would love to meet her, and she loves meeting her fans. If it's safe for Ms. Eden and her team to attend, they will be there.

The LCTC Pre-sale here on is still taking place and will last until at least May 4. We're even adding new items! So what happens if you place an order and LCTC is postponed again? Barbara's team will get her rescheduled for the new date. Once that's done, we'll send an e-mail to those that placed a pre-sale order. Then, your order will be available for pick-up at the new date for the show. Can't make the new show dates? We will offer you the option to either (a) ship the item(s) to an USA address of your choice for an additional fee; or (b) to be issued an immediate & full refund.

Finally, we've gotten quite a few questions about: (1) whether or not Barbara Eden will be signing fan-brought items (items brought by a fan to the show); and/or (2) whether Barbara Eden at her LCTC table will be taking posed photos with fans (photos taken on fan's own camera). We do not have an answer to either question right now. Please check back in with us as the event approaches; we will have an answer then. If it's safe for Ms. Eden to sign fan brought items and take photos with fans at her table (using fans own camera), she will. Ms. Eden will be signing items brought by her team and available for sale at her table and is doing professional photo-ops at LCTC.