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WAREHOUSE DEAL Hallmark Jeannie Ornament (Autographed by Barbara Eden)



Warehouse-Damaged Ornament

Brand: Hallmark
Vintage Collectible: Originally Released in October 2000
Inside Box: 1 Jeannie ornament ONLY (bottle not included)
Artist: Sculpted by Patricia Andrews
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WAREHOUSE DEAL - 2000 Hallmark Jeannie Ornament - Box Autographed by Barbara Eden!

Add a touch of magic to your Christmas tree with this vintage Hallmark ornament. This warehouse-damaged item has a damaged box AND is missing the bottle ornament. (Jeannie ornament is included.)


  • Warehouse-Damaged - an item that was damaged in warehouse; not a returned item
  • Good Condition - Box has some damage, such as box wear, edge wear, bent corners, creases/crush marks, and bends. Jeannie ornament inside is in good condition and ready for display. The bottle ornament is missing / not included. Therefore, this item is NOT in gift-giving condition, but would be a suitable item for someone that doesn't mind a damaged box and missing bottle ornament.
  • Autographed Box - Barbara Eden hand signed her name on the box. This item is NOT personalized. (Jeannie ornament is NOT signed.)
  • SOLD AS IS. ALL SALES FINAL. No returns, refunds, or exchanges for Warehouse Deal products. (See "What is a Warehouse Deal?" below for more info.)


Brand: Hallmark
Vintage Collectible: Originally Released in October 2000
Inside Box: Only 1 Jeannie ornament inside box (bottle ornament not included)
Artist: Sculpted by Patricia Andrews


Your Wishes Have Come True With Hallmark's I Dream of Jeannie Ornament!

For those dreaming of Jeannie this holiday season, is pleased to offer Hallmark's iconic I Dream of Jeannie ornament. Originally released in October 2000, this adorable Jeannie ornament is sure to make any Jeannie collector's holiday wishes come true. Best yet, each box sold by is hand signed by the lady in the bottle herself, Barbara Eden. Display the box on your shelf and allow the Jeannie ornament to add a touch of magic to your tree this Christmas! This is a vintage item and supplies are very limited. Don't miss out on your chance to own this dreamy ornament.

About this Limited Edition, Collectible Ornament Set:

This is a vintage item, which was originally released in October 2000 (20 years ago) by Hallmark. Hallmark only sold this ornament in their stores from October-December 2000; this item is no longer sold in stores.

About the Packaging & Condition of Item:

The box and ornament inside are 20 years old. Unfortunately, the box for this item was damaged in storage, which is why we are offering it at a discount. We are also offering this item at a discount because it only includes the Jeannie ornament. (The bottle ornament is NOT included.) The Jeannie ornament itself is in good condition and ready for display. (Ornament hook is not included.) The ornament and its box are SOLD AS IS.

Each box has been opened to check ornament condition inside, as well as to temporarily remove the ornament while Ms. Eden signed the box front. We then repackaged ornament as carefully as possible. By purchasing, you understand this is a warehouse-damaged item and is being sold as an "as is" autographed collectible. No refunds will be given due to packaging damage -or- the fact that the bottle ornament is missing, and by purchasing, you agree to these terms.


The Hallmark box is hand signed by Barbara Eden. (Barbara signs on the front of the box itself. She does NOT sign the Jeannie ornament inside the box.) Since each box is hand signed by Barbara Eden, actual autograph (placement, sizing, marker color) may vary from stock photo shown in this product listing.

Since only the box itself is signed, you are able to display the Jeannie ornament on a tree during the holidays without affecting the autograph.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is NOT personalized. Barbara Eden only signs her name and "Jeannie". At this time, only 8x10 photos for sale in the store are personalized. We appreciate your understanding.


Why buy a Warehouse Deal signed ornament?
Since the signed box is damaged and it's missing the tiny bottle ornament, it is sold at a discount. This item is great for those that don't mind a signed box that is not in pristine condition -and- that don't mind the bottle ornament is missing. The Jeannie ornament inside is in good condition and perfect for display.

Can I get photos of exact Warehouse Deal item before purchasing?
Yes. If you would like to see the exact condition of a Warehouse Deal item, you can request photos of that item from Customer Service: click here to contact Customer Service. Fill out the contact form and let us know which Warehouse Deal item(s) you would like to see photos of. Finally, please ensure that the contact e-mail you provide is one where you can receive/open image files. You should receive an e-mail from Customer Service within 2 business days. Since all sales of Warehouse Deal items are final, DO NOT PURCHASE the Warehouse Deal item until you receive requested photos from Customer Service. If you place an order before receiving the photos, we will assume condition does not matter to you and no photos will be sent of item because actual Warehouse Deal item will be shipped/en route to you.

If possible, we will hold that item for you for 48 hours from time we provide you photos. Warehouse Deals sell quickly, so we can only hold the item for you if there are more of that Warehouse Deal item available for sale then you are requesting info on. If that is the only Warehouse Deal of item(s) available, that Warehouse Deal item will remain open for sale and could be purchased by someone else. We appreciate your understanding.

Example: If you are interesting in purchasing 1 Warehouse Deal ornament and there are 2 Warehouse Deal ornaments, customer service will send photos of 1 Warehouse Deal ornament and hold that exact ornament for you for 24 hours. After 24 hours have passed, the item will be released and could be sold to another customer. If it's been more than 24 hours since you received an e-mail from with photos of that item, you will need to contact to make sure the exact item you received photos of is still available. If it isn't, will send you a photo of what is currently available.

What is the replacement or return policy for Warehouse Deal products?
All Warehouse Deal products are SOLD AS IS. ALL SALES FINAL. NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES can be made for Warehouse Deal products due to the unique nature of each Warehouse Deal product.

Any other questions?
Click here to Contact Customer Service. Ask any and all questions BEFORE purchase. Again, all sales of Warehouse Deal products are FINAL.


By purchasing this item, you agree to any and all terms set forth in the product description as well as any and all all terms set forth in the policies of Barbara, including but not limited to "Terms of Service & Conditions of Use."