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Add Inscription to Personalized Autograph (8x10)


Buying a Personalized Autograph (8x10) and want to make an inscription request? Fan club members, add this item to your cart to make a custom inscription request. (See below for more details.)

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ADD-ON Item. You must purchase a Personalized Autograph (8x10) from at same time of purchase


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This item is an add-on item ONLY. Orders of this item will only be honored if they are ordered along with a Personalized Autograph (8x10) from Personalized Autograph (8x10) and Inscription Add-On must be purchased at the SAME time -and- in the SAME order -or- inscription request will not be honored.

If purchasing more than one photo, please do one add-on per photo. There is an option below so you can put which photo goes with which inscription. If you'd like all the photos to have the same inscription, you can purchase one add-on, but please designate "ALL" in NAME OF PHOTO section below.

This add-on can ONLY be used with a Personalized Autograph (8x10) order. It can not be used on non-personalized and/or non-autographed items. To see Personalized Autograph items currently available, click here.


Barbara Eden Fan Club Members are allowed to request an inscription of their choice on their Barbara Eden Personalized Autograph (8x10) purchase. If you would like Ms. Eden to write a particular message, enter it in the field below and click "Save" before adding the item to your cart. Ms. Eden may choose not to fulfill inscription requests she finds objectionable (for any reason) or too lengthy; this will not be cause for a refund. 

Regarding length, there is not a lot of space on an 8x10 photo. Inscription requests must be 5 words or less - not including your name (personalization) and Ms. Eden's signature. If an inscription request is longer than 5 words, customer service will modify and shorten the inscription so it is 5 words or less. This will not be cause for a refund. Add-on must be purchased at SAME time as personalized autograph (8x10) or it will not be honored. This will also not be cause for a refund.

If you have a specific inscription request that may be objectionable or too lengthy, please contact Customer Service before ordering the photo to make sure Ms. Eden can accommodate your request.


Please ask any and all questions before purchasing. If you require assistance, feel free to reach out to Customer Service. We can assist you in placing your order. Click here to contact us. Select "Fan Club" from drop-down menu for faster service.


By purchasing this item, you agree to any and all terms set forth in the product description as well as any and all all terms set forth in the policies of Barbara, including but not limited to "Terms of Service & Conditions of Use."

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